Tamotsu Yamamoto

General Manager

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Tamotsu “Mots” is General Manager in charge of all facilities and production staff. His attention to detail and knowledge of complex systems & contracts has provided Mots with the ability to handle permitting responsibilities, company procedures, new business ventures, setting up compost facilities and best management practices for Vision Recycling.

Janice Samifua-Asiasi

Office Manager


Janice is at the helm overseeing all of the office administration staff for Vision Recycling. Her experience with diverse office procedures and systems is vital for managing this large company. Janice is part of the management team who is meeting regularly to drive healthy financial models and complex billing procedures to make sure Customer Service is seem-less.

Andrea Contreras

Account Manager


Andrea is the person behind all of Vision Recycling’s billing, new accounts and receivables/payables. If you need a new account set up, pay an invoice or request a billing statement Andrea is the person responsible for this dynamic system.

Laura Maes

Dispatch/Inventory Manager


Laura singlehandedly manages the entire product delivery dispatch system which includes scheduling, tracking inventory totals at each store and the brains behind many of Vision Recycling’s moving parts. If you need a delivery or want to know if a particular mulch is available Laura can assist you.

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