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Vision Recycling successfully provides “turn-key” services to the County of Santa Cruz at the Ben Lomond Transfer Station and the Buena Vista Landfill. We also have a similar model with the Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority at The Sun Street Transfer Station and Johnson Canyon Landfill. Vision operates its own independent facilities in Newark and Livermore.

Vision staff receive the material at those facilities and direct the feed stock into distinct piles to develop a wide variety of commodities from the waste stream. The term “turnkey” implies a long-term contract with grinding capabilities as well as a retail outlet with finished product. Vision is proud to offer 14 different garden supply products to meet the variety of needs within the community. We market the materials locally both at the facility and into the community to offer this recycled product back into the ecosystem from which it came.

Our vision and market niche is to develop green waste recycling programs to convert the local feedstock into organic products to be used on the local soils from which they came. The program understandably has inherent advantages over hauling the material out of the local area. Our approach is not to move the green material out to agricultural areas for large farm application, but to use as much as possible for the suburban gardener and landscape communities who actually bring the materials to us. These turnkey operations benefit all parties involved.